Executive coaching – my model and approach

Executive coaching can be used to address any number of work-related topics. These largely fall under two categories which often, if not always, overlap:

  1. topics which relate to the individual’s own personal  and career development, for example specific behavioural skills development
  2. topics which relate to the individual’s sphere of work, for example planning or delivering on operational or strategic issues

My coaching model does have a non-directive approach as its foundation stone. As such I do not seek to teach or advise my clients based solely on my experience or view of the world. Rather, my focus is on developing the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of my clients so they are better able to understand and therefore manage themselves in their working relationships and in the workplace situations they face.

My coaching practice therefore encourages my clients to reflect on past experiences, as well as current emotions and thinking so that they are able to explore and understand their current challenge and effectively plan their next steps towards changing, unblocking or developing a relationship, or moving forward with a business idea or issue.

My backround in business allows me to quickly understand the organisational challenges my clients face. My knoweldge of psychological models and personality types also ensures I treat every client as an unique individual, who is in search of their own way forward.