For the organisation – Why use executive coaching?

The focus of executive coaching is on the performance and learning of the individual within the context of his or her own business role. To measure the progress of the coaching the individual sets and works towards specifc performance goals.  As such, the benefits are seen not only at the level of the individual, but are also recognised at the team and organisational level.

Through coaching, leaders and managers can obtain greater clarity of the ideas and issues in front of them, feel empowered and motivated to plan a course of action and follow this through into the workplace as they work with their teams, clients and colleagues.

Through coaching, leaders and managers can also reflect on their current performance and how it measures against their own desired performance or that expected by the organisation, so they are able to explore and plan their next actions.

And through coaching, leaders and managers can form a better understanding of their leadership or management style and explore whether or not it achieves the desired results from their people.

An organisation may also choose to use an executive coach to:

  • support an individual in their preparation for a new role or their smooth transition into it
  • to help an individual understand and work with feedback they have received so they can make the necessary adjustments to behaviour and plans
  • to help an individual develop emotional intelligence and/or specific skills, thereby increasing their personal impact and contribution at work.