Working with Teams

Facilitating Teams

I am able to work as a facilitator to real life leadership or project teams in a training environment or on live strategic or project issues. When participating in live meetings, as an independent facilitator I am able to add value by managing the process and providing the necessary support and challenge to the group.

Developing Teams

When working with existing teams on the development of their level and quality of communication and their level of cooperation, I encourage the use of tools such as 360 degree feedback or data from personality type questionnaires in order to raise the awareness of the team of the different communication styles and behaviours that exist within the group. This data provides a basis for the group to examine the similarities and more importantly the differences that exist within the team. Team members are thereby able to develop an understanding of the group’s dynamics, the potential for conflict, and the ways to manage progress.

The data can also be used to support the process of participants getting to know each other, and in understanding how they each think, communicate and prefer to work. This level of understanding provides significant insights which facilitate the level of team communication and cooperation in the future.