Executive coaching – my process

I always hold an initial meeting with my client to explain the coaching process and my role as a coach,to explore the desired outcomes and to ‘test’ the relationship between coach and client. If both parties agree to proceed, then the first coaching session can be held within the following 1-2 weeks.

Thereafter meetings are scheduled to fit the participant’s needs – typically occurring every 2 to 4 weeks. A single coaching meeting will last up to two hours.

Usually the agenda for all meetings is set by the participant unless agreement is reached to provide a particular focus for a meeting, for example reviewing and understanding a 360 degree feedback report. Every meeting begins by identifying the specific objectives for the session, and by the end of the meeting the participant will have constructed an action plan which they commit to implement. During subsequent meetings some time can be spent reviewing progress against earlier commitments.

The coaching programme runs initially for 6 individual meetings (excluding the initial meeting) at which point progress and value should be reviewed and discussed by the coach, participants and the programme sponsor where applicable.

Outside of the face to face meetings, the the client is able contact me by phone or e-mail at any time or frequency to discuss matters related to the coaching. In addition, I will often provide my client with articles or reading material to support the work that we are doing.