Working with feedback

This workshop looks at the theories associated with giving and receiving feedback so that participants are better informed about how to prepare for and run a performance appraisal, or how to simply provide valuable verbal feedback on a regular basis.

Providing feedback is a necessary skill for all managers and can be challenging given the emotional response both providers and receivers of feedback experience during the conversation. For example the provider of feedback can often take too much care that they do not ‘hurt’ the other person’s feelings so that the feedback message is lost. Or the receiver of feedback can be overly defensive and therefore unwilling to accept the message.

There are therefore skills associated with both giving feedback and receiving feedback which will be explained and experienced during this workshop.

Learning objectives include:

  • raising awareness of the quality of the feedback currently provided by participants, and how they can make it more valuable and helpful to the receiver,
  • developing understanding of how to structure and provide feedback,
  • developing understanding of typical repsonses to feedback and how to manage them constructively,
  • practicing the specific communication skillls to help manage the feedback conversation,

The content of the workshop will highlight, explain and provide opportunity to practice:

  • practical models of how to give feedback,
  • planning and structuring the feedback to ensure sufficient detail and examples are provided,
  • how to manage the feedback conversation.