Influencing skills

Influencing others is the skill of bringing people towards accepting your ideas and proposals, your needs and wants, your plans and vision.

The ability to influence others is a core interpersonal relationship skill which is at the heart of many other leadership and management skills.

Being a more effective influencer will enhance the ability of participants to lead individuals and teams, to motivate others, to negotiate, to consult with clients, to build relationships, and to sell.

The aim of this workshop is to help participants understand their current style of influence and to understand what they could do or say differently in order to achieve their desired outcomes. The emphasis of the design is on learning by doing, and the intention is to create an environment where it feels safe for participants to experiment. In this way participants will be able to identify and practice which behaviours they can adopt going forward.

This workshop has the following core learning objectives:

  • to raise the participants’ awareness of their current style of influence and how this could be made more effective,
  • to provide a framework which defines and illustrates the full range of influencing styles,
  • to explore the use of words, energy and body language when adopting different styles of influence,
  • to provide participants with an opportunity to practice and develop those styles of influence which they are currently using less often or not at all, so that they can add these skills to their influencing style.

The workshop content will cover:

  • A practical model of influence incorporating the full range of influencing styles,
  • Detailed explanation of each different influencing style and the appropriate words and body language that goes with it,
  • Small group exercises to practice the skills, reinforce the key concepts and embed the learning,
  • Providing specific individual feedback and time to plan next steps